vertical blender

Vertical Cooling Blender

The barrel is made of double stainless steel jacket.The internal space is with spiral blades foe cooling water circulation, to effect heat dissiapation.

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Specifications MODEL YH-VCB400L YH-VCB600L YH-VCB1000L YH-VCB2000L
Tank Capacity 400L 600L 1000L 2000L
Blending Capacity 120~160kgs 180~300kgs 300~500kgs 600~1000kgs
Power 10 HP 15 HP 25 HP 75 HP
Blending Cycle Perhour 4~6 4~6 4~6 4~6
Machine weight 1700 kgs 2100 kgs 2500 kgs 4200 kgs
iconTotal Customized Production according to different customer demand and design
iconMore than 30 years of industrial experience, from planning and design to manufacturing
iconEasy, Simple and Human operation