Yean Horng Machinery was established in 2010, the owner and related colleagues in the rubber and plastics industry, especially the extrusion and granulation have more than 30 years of experience. PRE-mix is a brand designed for the mixing, compounding and granulation, in addition to everything can be prepared, but also hope for the guests "prepared in advance" to get the best odds
To meet the clients is our greatest mission
  • Human nature of the machine design needs to help guests get the most benefit.
  • Relived and attentive selecting of spare parts decreases machine maintenance problems.
  • Domestic and foreign technical and service support, not only to provide installation of the machine and education and training also have a quick handling of machine services.
Replace the traditional single screw, twin screw and Kneader and only need one machine for different materials, recycling and new material mixing; at the same time can save power, save the operator and save space to effectively create greatest profit
Taiwan ONLY one planetary mixing extruder manufacturer
Taiwan First Machine
More than one domestic customer has continued to buy more than two planetary mixing extruders, and foreign customers have continued to increase
Deal customers continue to order- the best proof
Full Service
service Sustainable cooperation concept
service High-tech machinery technology
service Customized machine
Honesty base, trustworthy first" is our enterprising spirit, continuous innovation of the design concept. In addition to providing customized design and manufacture all kinds of rubber and plastics, kneading, extrusion granulation and other related equipment, but also provide a full range of after-sales service to meet different customer needs. To bring the best quality and service for customers and we create three wins situation for customers, users and us.
Customized R & D design, processing, assembly and testingBased on different customer needs, PRE-mix team continued to develop and modify all kinds of components and through all kinds of processing, assembly and testing and discuss with the guests the final needs of human operation to meet the guests’ request.
All kinds of patents and simple applications in all kinds of compounding materials productionTo obtain all kinds of patents and combined with single / twin screw and take the advantages of Kneader machine, simple operation can also be used for all kinds of compounding materials to do recycling or re-granulating application
Recycling, processing and reuse, responding to environmental protection and creating a better future