high speed mixer

High Speed Mixer

  • The machine can be driven by a two-speed variable speed motor, suitable for mixing large amount of materials, and can also be driven by continuously variable inverter motor. Different adjustments can be made according to different material and different speed.
  • The machine can be opened according to the customer's needs, adding additives or liquid additives.
  • This machine is mainly suitable for dry PVC mixed rigid or plastic polyester materials, also applies to ABS, PP, PE, color master batch ... ... and so on.
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Specifications MODEL YH-HSM200L YH-HSM300L YH-HSM500L YH-HSM1000L
Tank Capacity 200L 300L 400L 500L
Blending Capacity 40~80kgs 60~100kgs 80~140kgs 120~200kgs
Power 60 HP 100 HP 125 HP 150 HP
Blending Cycle Perhour 4~10 4~10 4~10 4~10
Machine weight 1900 kgs 2130 kgs 2800 kgs 3100 kgs
iconTotal Customized Production according to different customer demand and design
iconMore than 30 years of industrial experience, from planning and design to manufacturing
iconEasy, Simple and Human operation