Loss in Weight System

Specification MH-LC35mm MH-LC55mm
Continuous Type MAX 540kg/hr Continuous Type MAX 1200kg/hr
Accuracy ±0.05kg Accuracy ±0.08kg
Continuous Type MIN 0.9kg/hr Continuous Type MIN 1.8kg/hr
Accuracy ±0.01kg Accuracy ±0.01kg
Batch Type Accuracy ±0.001kg Batch Type Accuracy ±0.001kg

Materials for successful test:PVC、CaCo3、TiO2、Talcum、Al2O3、Zinc Stearate....and Plastic Pellets

Feature Select the Continuously Produce Process Mode
  • Upgrade the quality decided by accurate of the material feeding system.
  • The accurate measurement decided by material stable discharge.
The defects of traditional equipment (single/twin screw) The character and superiority of Yean Horng Machinery of the Loss in Weight Device
To use Screw Type of Feeder, the materials will be compact become a little lump when screw conveying and cause discharge uneven, then cause formula calculation misjudge. Material discharge smoothly and stable in every unit of time, each formula to be extremely accurate control.
1.Unstable of Weighing Device.
◎ In general industry, most of the Weighing Device interfere with vibration that cause measuring data incorrect.
2.Unstable of the discharge of Feeder.
◎Hard to clean up and maintain on closed type of device.
◎The volume of device occupy large space.
◎Linear moving discharge is not superior and not easy to adjust.
1.Stable and Accurate of Weighing Device.
◎Special design on Weighing Device、Anti-interference and Anti-vibration.
2.Stable of the discharge of Feeder.
◎On flat discharge mode co-operate with servo motor control, discharge valve adjustment and install the bridge destroy unit on the powder of material.
◎This device is simple and convenient with module structure design for easy operation and maintenance. Just change the module when maintaining, to reduce the shut down time.
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